Friday, 23 August 2013

Training notes - 23/08/2013

Wednesday night was the final round of the local RR10 summer XC series, 3 laps (4.3M) of the park around IBM Hursley near Winchester. Had a good first mile and then faded a bit, with a stitch threatening. Thankfully had no-one in close proximity behind (probably contributed to the slow down by letting me slacken off) and managed 17th in the end. Think I just about squeezed a top 10 place for the series. 
I seemed to have gone backwards a bit compared to those I was racing against earlier in the series, but I figure this is probably down to my lack of speed/track work compared to a lot of them! Mentioned the stitch issue to a club mate afterwards and he suggested getting my iron-levels checked to see if I have any deficiency as this can cause them...
Day off from running Thursday, so did 3x750M in the pool this morning as a bit of prep for the spot of multi-sport larking about on Saturday morning I'm signed up for.
My intended progressive 10miler this morning didn't really go to plan.... Went down to Bournemouth prom for a traffic free flat route. Started with 3M easy which felt pretty good and then got on the prom the start the 10M out and back section. Set off a bit quick and clocked 6:09/6:04/6:00/5:58/5:56/5:55 for the first 6M, although I was struggling to get a good rhythm going. It was very warm already and I was going downwind, which was helping the pace, but I was getting pretty hot. Turned around at 6 miles and hit a cooling but surprisingly stiff breeze. Mile 7 was not pretty, managed only 6:08 and canned the effort at that point as it felt the quality was only going to go one way! Looking back at my heart rate data, it was really too high (av176bpm) for the pace I was doing, my marathon HR is normally 165bpm give or take a beat....

 Ran the rest easy for 15.3M total@6:42/M. Overall an ok run, as a 7 mile tempo. Wind/warmth didn't help and I felt my glutes were refusing to play ball this morning (I could feel my calves getting a bit sore/tight, good sign they're over-working). But also I've been playing around with more low-carb/high fat eating this week (except for Weds when I had a decent amount of carbs in prep for the race) and I really felt drained at the end of the 7M effort today. Usually if I struggle in a session and it's down to muscle soreness/fatigue or conditions, I find I can pick it back up to a good steady pace after a mile or so recovery. But today the whole run back to the car was fairly hard work (~7:30/M!). So think I was a bit carb-depleted, good learning experience on fueling.... Also should factor in that I've fitted in 60M in 5 days, which won't have done my glycogen levels much good either 

That's pretty much it for running this week apart from the small matter of the 5k at the end of the Boscombe Sprint Triathlon I'm having a crack at tomorrow...

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