Monday, 12 August 2013

Training Notes - 12/08/13

This weekend's long run was another combo effort consisting of 5M easy/1M inc 5x20s strides/Parkrun/3M Easy/5M HM Tempo/5M easy. The Parkrun was also a mob match between New Forest & Lordshill from Southampton, although I didn't really have any competition at the front end and finished 1st in 17:17 for a new course record (still very soft, but improving!). HM tempo section was tough, flat but largely offroad and uneven, managed to averaged 5:49/M for the 5M. That said I felt pretty good on the 5M easy at the end and turned the pace up to 'steady' to get home in time. Total of 22M@6:28/M although there was a 15min pause before and 30min after Parkrun to catch my breath. Also due to the amount of higher intensity mileage, I decided to ditch the 'fresh air and water' approach this time and have breakfast plus a couple of gels (before/after Parkrun), think it helped towards the end of the run, as I was happily ticking along around 6:30/M on the way home.
Downside of Saturday is that I have aggravated my R hamstring a bit, I felt it a bit on Friday's run but it seemed ok running on Saturday. Stil a bit sore today, so giving it good doses of foam roller and a couple of rest days to try and sort it out.
Subject to the state of my hamstring the plan is to do a 6 x 1 mile reps session on the track Wednesday and then a long run Friday (got the day off) with 1hr Easy pace followed by 10x0.5mile marathon pace/effort with 0.5 mile recovery and 1min even pace inbetween. I'm at a wedding this weekend, so got to fit the hard sessions in during the week as a result!
Link to Garmin Stats Brockenhurst Parkrun #12 and 3M/5M HM Tempo/5M section below

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