Thursday, 1 November 2012

Great South Run 2012

I ran the 10 mile Great South Run last Sunday, along with 24,999 other people! Thankfully had a fast club runner number, so got a spot just behind the elites up the front! The wind swung to the west and filled in as the morning went on, definitely not as bad a some previous years but still hard going in the final 2ml.

I'm pleased to report it went well, primary target was to get to 8ml, ie pre final headwind stretch, at target half marathon pace (5:45/ml) and after that I wasn't going to be too fussed as almost anything was going to be a PB today (previous was 1:03:xx). 

Going past HMS Victory in the Naval Dockyards at mile 2-3
Going out on the out & back section at mile 4
Went off quick and mile 1 came in at 5:33, was surprised at the low numbers of faster club runners, but hung in with a group who's pace backed off a bit and then stabilised around my target nicely. Hit the easterly turning point back to the finish at 8ml a bit under 5:45 pace I think, so main job for the day was complete. The last 2ml were slower into the wind (5:5x) but I came across the line in 57:39 (garmin time). Results put me 45th with a gun time of 57:42. Had very little trouble from my calves, felt pretty strong throughout the race and only got the odd prang of a stitch which was manageable. Overall very happy with a morning's running that's set a good benchmark after a month or two of training inconsistency, things are looking better for attempting a good time at Gosport (probably just over 75mins at a guess!)
Trying to go fast on the final stretch!

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